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How to get rid of lip discoloration?


My lips have been peeling for a long time. The peeling usually happens every 2-3 days in both lips. There is also some discoloration in both upper and lower lip, the upper lip being the worse of the two. A couple of months ago, I went to the doctor. He prescribed the following medications:

1. Methoxsalen (10 mg)
2. Amoxicillin tablets (500 mg)
3. Psorcutan Pomat (topical antipsoriatic)
4. Triamsinolon asetonid (1 mg)
5. Betamethasone (0.5 mg)
6. Multivitamin
7. Vaseline

The peeling has improved greatly. Unfortunately, the discoloration hasn’t improved at all. Is there anything that can be done to restore the original complexion? Or even camouflage/tan the discoloration, perhaps using a dye or something? I am a dark skinned person and there’s an obvious mismatch in in color between healthy areas and peeling/discolored ones.

This is costing me a lot in terms of relationships and any suggestion would be appreciated.

I can submit photos of the affected area if necessary.

Thank you
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What did he diagnose you with?

There are lip stains (don't know if they are available where you are) - these are lipsticks that stay on for 24 hours. You may be able to find one in the shade of your natural lip color to help even things out. They feel very strange, and drying, so you may want to play with them at home first, with using your meds on top of them, or before them.

It may just take time for your natural color to come back. Did you ask the doctor that? It's hard to say without knowing your diagnosis.
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