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How to get rid of reddish marks from face

I dont know how my facial skin get burned,there was pimple on my face two or three ,i applied vitamin e capsule on all the pimples but one pimple was bursted before i applied the vitamin e capsule(evion400),in morning when i saw my face that place was burn and black skin was there ,i touched it and it peeled of and now there is reddish or pinkish type skin ,how to gt rid of this what to do so tht new skin get generated without taking much time
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What type of wash are you using to cleanse your face?  Sometimes, things just take some time to heal- vitamin e oil should also help heal skin, but it sounds very odd to me that you saw a burn with black skin in the area.  If this were me, I'd be a bit tempted to have a doctor take a look, just because that doesn't seem normal.  
M using pimple clearing facewash ,may be this happened because when that pimple bursted i applied dettol with cotton and after thai i washed that and applied vitamin e coz i have seen lot of people using vit-e ,so i applied and in morning that place was all black, i visited to a doctor he gave me some tableta and cream ,bt m worried about that reddiah mark on my face ,
It will fade, just takes some time- more likely than not, you are really the only one that notices- a red mark doesn't make or break who you are so just be you and try not to sweat a red mark on your face- it will heal!
Ohhkk,thank u so much....
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