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How to heal raw lips

This isn’t  a question but I’ve seen people asking how to heal raw lips and no one has a answer. All you have to do is leave your lips dry and put no chapstick petroleum or moisturizer on your lip. The patches that show up on your lip are trying to form  a scab on your lip to heal and replace your skin underneath this will take a while so your mask will be your best friend because it won’t look pretty. When the scab is trying to grow and heal your lip you won’t be able to chew that well and you want to protect the scab so eat soft foods like yogurt smoothies and chop up any big foods into the smallest bites you can. Also won’t be able to go drink from cups because you don’t want to get your lip wet or food on it so buy a pack of straws to use. Another tip is at night sleep on your back with your head propped up so you don’t mess up the scab in your sleep. Also when your brushing your teeth go slow and when it’s time to spit out put tissue over your lip and then spit out to avoid getting your scar wet. Vitamin C works well to help the scar heal faster and if it feels loose take one and you’ll immediately feel the results I took one every night before bed and a multi vitamin in the morning. Most important tip is leave the scab alone don’t touch it or press it the goal is to keep it on if it comes off it will just start the process again to form to heal the lips.
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How long does this process take
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Was so relieved that I forgot:
Syringe. I eat and drink with one so that nothing touches my lips.
Foods: yogurt watered down with V8 fusion for fruit and vegetables. Soups through the blender with broth watering it down to go through the syringe.
Melted icecream to make your agony a bit better.
Drink cranberry juice and put tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil. They are both clinical studies done showing they work against most infections, not mlm or 'essentual oils are the answer to everything ' sites. Actual scientific studies. Both need to be pure.
I am doing 4 different home remedies along with the doctor medicine. You can't just treat this topically because chances are it's inside you too.
When you brush your teeth use a child's spin brush and don't put water on it and you don't have to rinse out fluoride toothpaste. DON'T SPIT. Put a folded up paper towel in your mouth to get the spit out so the water doesn't tear off skin.
Get a retainer to keep your lips from touching as you sleep. They will fuse together and rip apart if they touch.
If your inside lip was torn off as well put Vaseline on your front teeth so the growing skin doesn't stick to them.
DON'T let the skin stay on your teeth! My enamel was eaten through.
Laundry all clothes and blankets and towels with Lysol detergent. It kills staphylococcus and most other viruses. Get Lysol spray and disinfect the entire house or you'll get reinfected.
Sorry, but you have to take disinfectant baths too. Either with bleach or a coconut oil tea tree oil one. Your lips might be the thing bugging you now but chances are you are crawling with it.
It turned out my 'stress rashes' I've gotten for the last year? Went away 2 days into my last round of antibiotics/ home remedies. That pimple that I got every month that was the size of dime? I haven't had any acne since I started using coconut oil on my lips and the excess ran down my chin constantly.
Do not just put medicine on your lips and think you'll fix it. Do not make my mistakes and prolong your agony. Be careful not to hit your lips with the string or toothbrush, they will tear right off.
Wash hands constantly!!!! Spray everything you touch!!!! Most of all though:
Stay strong. You can do this. You are not the first to suffer and you do have options.
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Thank you so ******* much. I have been battling an infection for 4 weeks. I've cried myself to sleep. I've broken down crying at work. In my car. And the infection turned out to be mrsa but I finally felt that it was healing but it had taken all the skin off both lips and I had no clue whether or not scabs had been part of my lips healing or the infection again. Everything I typed just brought up heroes or chelitis or mrsa on other body parts. Not one site popped up about regrowing lips but botched lip fillers.
Thank you.
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Not sure I understand any of this.  Vitamin C won't heal a scab, a scab is a sign of healing happening all by itself.  Raw lips don't scab.  Damaged lips scab.  Dry lips can crack, though.  Your advice not to use petroleum products is good, they clog the pores and should never be used anywhere.  But you know, chapped lips are a really common nuisance with a very simple fix, which is to buy a good natural lip balm from a good health food store or move to somewhere where it's always humid, never really cold, or don't ever go outdoors.  Otherwise, lips are going to get dry sometimes just as your hands and feet will if you do anything outside with them.  Which we all do.  Now, if one never ever applies lotion, and it doesn't bother that person, they won't ever notice, and once you do start regularly using lotion anywhere on your body your skin will crave more.  That's true.  But of all the problem in the world, this one is pretty tiny and totally benign as long as you don't use products that contain toxic ingredients.  People have been applying plant and animal fats to their bodies for as long as we have recorded history, so it's just something we do.  Peace.
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I meant to add, a multivitamin also has no therapeutic value.  There's not enough of anything in it to do anything much.  It's purpose is as a prophylactic in case your diet isn't giving you all that you need, which it almost never does given food is never truly fresh and it's hard to get absolutely everything we need all the time.  If you want to use a supplement for healing, you need to take something stronger than a multi.  Dry skin is a function in part of insufficient fatty acids in the diet, but again, if you go outside in winter you are going to get dry lips.  Peace again.

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