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How to recover from burn and allergy caused by Savlon?

My 9 yr old daughter got a deep cut on her ear (outer part) while playing.
As a horrific mistake I applied undiluted Savlon couple of times with considerable amount (as the clot was very thick) to clean the wound.
She has now burns around that area and the entire ear has swollen.
She is on ibugesic plus and Antibiotic syrup, but the effect is temporary for pain and swelling is as it is. 2 days gone but not much sign of improvement.
Can someone please advise for better recovery.
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First you don’t mention what caused the deep cut but you need to bring your daughter to a doctor.  Whatever cut her could have given her an infection in that area and being so close to her brain you are probably playing with Fire by not bringing her to see a doctor
Thanks for the reply.
She just hit a round corner of the bed. Wooden,  Not metal. So got a cut.
We did consultant a Pediatrician and a surgeon too.
Dr. only suggested to clean it with Savlon, but to my misery I used undiluted one.
It resulted into swelling and burns.

She is on antibiotic and painkiller syrup as suggested by Dr.
Sounds like you probably called the doctor once the burns appeared and are doing with they suggested?  How are the burns doing now?  
Approached Dr after 4 hrs of the incident.
He asked us to clean the wound with Savlon. As mentioned earlier, I used undiluted one.
Now the burns are getting cured and swelling has also subsided.
Wound would take some time to heal
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