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Hyperpigmentation/irritation after using Epiduo

Three and a half years ago i used Epiduo on my forehead, temples and nose. I did expose to 45 mins of morning sun without spf.

My skin turned red, then brown. The inflamation/irritation still persists. I can feel the skin thicker (like inflamed skin feels like) when i raise my eyebrows. The area looks brown. It becomes more red when i touch it.

Texture on those areas is different and the skin is a little raised.

I've tried azelaic acid 20%, ascorbic acid 20%, kojic acid, glycolic acid, salicilyc acid, tranexamic acid, adapalene, tazarotene 0,1%, hidroquinone which made it worse, mercury bleaching cream, BBL, laser peel (resufacing), flucinolon.

I think flucinolon worked best, but i can't use it long term on my face. When i use it, the inflamation and hyperpigmentation subside, but effects are immediatly reverted if i stop using it.
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Gosh, that's hard. I have hyper pigmentation on my face. I had a terrible bout of it in my twenties due to a hormonal imbalance. My skin did feel the same though and not thicker. Sun made it worse. I used Renova at that time and it helped a lot. So expensive though. I haven't had a script for it in many years but think about it often as I've got some pigmenting going on again. It's in less conspicuous places and saw a dermatologist about it who was not concerned. I didn't get the script to renova as I got nervous and forgot to ask for it. sigh.

Laser resurfacing didn't help?

When you read about epiduo, it says it HELPS hyper pigmentation. Sigh, but everyone is different. I do think the cream you say works is short term use only  

Have you heard of this? https://jddonline.com/articles/post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation-a-review-of-treatment-strategies-S1545961620P0763X  Supposedly, this reduces appearance of hyper pigmentation in 2/3 of the people who used it in clinical trials.
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