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I can't cure fungal infection. Please help!

Hi. I've been diagnosed with dermatophytes 7 months ago. It started in my groin area, but eventually, it spread on my buttocks.I used most of the antifungal creams that the doctor had been prescribing me, but nothing helped. She also prescribed me itraconazole tablets at the end, but to use only for a week. During the therapy, it started being a bit better, but after 7 days it started itching and turned back as before. I also used terbinafine cream at the same time, (for 3red time). I also used ketoconazole shampoo several times. Please if someone have advice what to do bcs my doctor don't know what do do as well. Thank you
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You might try taking probiotics, or eating probiotic yogurt.  Can't guarantee that it will help, but it certainly won't hurt anything and it's worth a shot.  Fungal infections are generally caused by an imbalance in your body's flora, so you may need more "good bacteria" in your diet.  
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Thank you for your response. I was advised also by some people to take a probiotic. The name of the one recommended is "Bio - Kult Candea" (which is for Candida cleansing).  I have dermatophytes. Does it also apply to other fungal infections like mine?
Unfortunately, unless someone cultures your infections and determines what kind of fungus it is, there's no easy way to tell which probiotic might work best for you.  It's the same with fungal creams, too.  I get fungal infections under my breasts when it's hot outside.  I tried the cream designed for athlete's foot, which is a fungal infection, and it did nothing.  I switched to the cream designed for jock itch, and that makes it start to disappear within HOURS.

So, it is probably going to be the same with probiotics.  Fortunately, you can buy all of the creams and probiotics over-the-counter in most countries, so you can quickly make a change if something's not helping after a week or so.
there are specific meds for ringworm that work.  if you have tried them with no success, then rule ringworm out.  if it does not clear up with fungal medications either, then is probably the C. immitis fungus, which cannot be cured, only controlled.  i have it and it is a life wrecker.  consider this one if nothing is working to get rid of it.  if you are healthy and do not pick at the affected area, you will fight it off in time.

the problem is the expense you have to go through buying products that work until you stop taking them.
do not take antibiotics for this condition.  it will blow it up and move it all over your body.

keep us posted.  
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baking soda, salt, and borax bath.  soak and scrub skin as you soak.  100% cotton clothes too.
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clove oil ingested with water and straight up on skin
thanks, this is helpful

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