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I dont know what to do

i just had a child in march my last 4 weeks i had these 2 bumbs come up on me and the other nught i went to the er she said they were warts could they  be skin or what please help...

This discussion is related to Warts or Skin Tags?--Wrong Diagnosis or Denial?.
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A skin tag is a small benign tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin forms creases, such as the neck, armpits and groin. They may also occur on the face, usually on the eyelids. They usually range in size from grain of rice to that of a golf ball.
The exact cause is not known but there are correlations with age and obesity. Some also state that individuals with high stress levels tend to attain more acrochordons then other individuals. However, none of that has been scientifically proven.Also more commonly seen in pregnancy and diabetic individuals.
TReatment could be any of the following:
Cauterization: with an electrolysis instrument
Cryosurgery (freezing)
Ligation: cutting off blood supply
Excision: with a scalpel, or other surgical instrument
Each of these treatments is considered minor surgery, typically performed by a physician in the office.
Warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection.They typically disappear after a few months but can last for years and can recur.
Keratolysis, removal of dead surface skin cells usually using salicylic acid, blistering agents, immune system modifiers ("immunomodulators"), or formaldehyde.
Cryosurgery, which involves freezing the wart (generally with liquid nitrogen), creating a blister between the wart and epidermal layer, after which the wart and surrounding dead skin falls off by itself.
Surgical curettage of the wart.
Laser treatment.
Imiquimod, a topical cream that helps the body's immune system fight the wart virus by encouraging interferon production.
In either case it should be seen by a dermatologist and you can choose the best mode of removal.
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