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I get tiny bumps on my lips after use of lip products.

So I only started wearing lipstick about two years ago and at first it was fine, I didn't have any reactions to it, but then I stopped wearing it for a while and it sat in storage for a couple months. Then when I took it out and wore it again, for a dance or something, the next day I found these rough sandpapery bumps on my lips, mostly the upper one. I looked into it and all I could find online was stuff about fordyce spots or chapped lips until I finally settled on a result about a bacterial infection. I stopped using that lipstick and got a new one in a similar color, but the spots didn't clear up, so I just stopped wearing lipstick altogether again and they went away.

Now, after buying and using some brand new chapstick (specifically Carmex), they're back. I've worn lipstick twice in the past week, but they were both less than four months old and have only been used a couple times. It's definitely not chapped lips because it feels completely different and i've just started using chapstick loyally because I was tired of peeling skin off my lips all the time. I guess I could be allergic to an ingredient in lipstick, but this has happened with all different types and brands. Also, I did have mild eczema as a kid, but it was mostly restricted to rough bumps right in front of my ears along my jaw line, nothing like this, and i've since grown out of it.

Please help, these bumps are REALLY annoying and make me want to scratch my upper lip off (they're not itchy just foreign).
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Sometimes it is caused by a sort of fungus.  A dermatologist can check it for you.  If it's that you don't want to use any of the tubes you've used.  
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