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I have a Jock Itch, how do I take care of it or cure it at home?

The reason I got this is because of the hot climate of my country.
At first I thought it was just an itchy feeling from my genital area.
Second I usually get that itch from time to time.
Then when I took a bath, I saw a reddish brown circling my genital area.
Ofcourse I panicked and thought it might just be a rash, I tried asking my mom for help but I hesitated. I know she is a Dentist and a Registered Nurse but I was embarrassed to do so. So I'd rather ask here.
• Is it ok for me to put powder(baby powder) around my genital area to avoid itching?
For short, I need a well detailed information or help about my condition. Thank you.
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If it's caused by a fungus, you will need to treat it with an anti-fungal cream.  I'm not sure where you are located, but I know in America, you can get that at any pharmacy.  

I know it's embarrassing to talk to your mom about this type of stuff, but I'd encourage you to just let her know what you are seeing so she can help you.  The embarrassment won't last nearly as long as the itch and discomfort if it's not taken care.  

Feel better soon!  
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Purple's advice is perfect. You can add to that some apple cider vinegar (with the mother) <just Google that term to understand what it means] dabbed on the area and tea tree oil body wash. Also coconut oil helps. So does betadine. Get some white boxers that you can bleach if possible for use while your battling the issue. Keep your shower clean with some diluted bleach spray. So wash with the tea tree oil soap ( or any soap if you can't get that) maybe twice a day if possible, changing boxers, blot with the vinegar, rub some coconut oil and betadine on there. It'd be great if you could do it at least twice a day and keep the area washed and dried.
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