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I have a bump under my mole and a white spot.

Hi there!
Very recently I was looking at a mole that I have had on my forehead ever since I can remember and noticed it had a small white spot that looked like your average Whitehead. I have always popped my pimples and without thinking much of it I tried to pop it. It wouldn’t pop so instead of giving up like a normal person I scratched it. It took a second to scratch off but there was no puss afterwards only a teeny bit of blood. I also noticed that the mole has a hard lump under it that is larger than the mole itself (also raises a bit of regular skin). I honestly cannot remember if this is something that has always been there or not. The mole is no bigger that a pencil eraser, is symmetrical, and has not changed in color and size besides what I have described. Does it sound cancerous?
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You can get a blemish that seems to be under a mole, it kinda sounds like that is what you are seeing- however, I'm a big fan of always getting changes with moles checked out as a precaution.
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