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I have a skin rash that itches like crazy, and doctors can't figure it out.

I have a skin rash that has been present for almost 2 years. It varies in severity and is believed to be a side effect of severe contact dermatitis (It wasn't present and popped up in a construction/welding environment, got better when I left but still lingers). It is affecting my upper torso (front and back) and arms (upper and forearm but not my hands) primarily (sometimes comes back on the back of the knee). Oral steroids help the itching and somewhat help the rash, while topical steroids curb the itching only. Scratching of course makes it infinitely worse. The itching is sometimes so bad I can't sleep for function properly.

On the elbows where the rash is the worst, there is sometimes a cloudy, yellow discharge from lesions that come up (usually due to scratching while asleep I think). The discharge will solidify into a scab of sorts which comes off in the shower.

Doctors have take biopsies, and found no evidence of usual skin conditions. They have concluded that it is Eczema, due to a lack of evidence for other conditions. Eczema creams have no effect.
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If it is eczema, it's possible the creams don't' help much- it can be tricky to treat.  My recommendation would be to change your laundry detergent to something fragrance free.  Use creams to moisturize the area- but those also should be fragrance free.  Take a journal and note down what you eat, things you do, stress levels- and how the rash reacts to them.  That should also help you narrow down any triggers you might be having.  
The journal idea is a good one, I'll try that. I am using fragrance free detergent, soap/washes, and deodorant. I have used various Eczema fragrance free moisturizers with no noticeable results. (Currently on Aveno eczema moisturizer). Appreciate the help.
Good luck, hope it feels better soon!  Let us know how you are doing.
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