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I have a small ball like bump on my penis?

I have received a ** about a year ago and noticed a small bump under the skin of my penis sometime after. The bump is near the top part of my shaft but below the head of my penis. It is only noticable to when it is erect and if I look for it.Which can be hard or easy at times to feel if the skin is stretched. My gf has had a paps smer and has been cleared. And ivecveen to the doctor and he told me not to worry about it. I'm also making another appointment to get it check any ideas or help
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Honestly, bumps can be so many things. It wouldn't be anything you could get from oral sex, which is gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and NGU, as those don't give you bumps that last a long time.

If a doctor has seen it and said not to worry about it, a second opinion is a good idea, and maybe ask for it to be biopsied.
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I did go to the planned parenthood and the nurse felt my groin for  swollen lymph nodes and around my shaft where the bump should be. She couldnt find anything out of the ordinary.  and told me not to worry about it. It could be from poor hygiene and other   swollen glands or veins.  I will make a another appointment and try to get a biopsied.

She also ruled out genital warts  since it's been over a year and no visible growths has shown up on my penis.  The bump under the skin has not grown to my knowledge. My main concern is that it would be penile cancer.
I am also circumsized which I know helps my chances of it not being hpv but doesn't eliminate the chances
Also the doctors that did check it out never found it, since my penis was soft and not erect. It is only when it is erect that I notice the bump/lump and it feels very small
So is it visible or is it just under or on the skin?

Genital warts are always on the skin. You can rule that out, for sure from this. It's not to say you don't have HPV, but this bump doesn't seem to be that.

Do you have medical insurance, if you're in the US? Can you see a urologist? That's where I'd go, if you can.

I do not have insurance atm.

When I go to the urologist is there anything I should ask for or tell them when I see them in particular?

The bump is definitely under the skin. If I pinch and rub just the skin I cannot feel the bump as far as I  can tell. It is noticable with right angle and lighting  without touching it while erect. Also once it is found I can move it around alittle bit but, always goes back to the same spot.

When I'm  erect and pulling the skin back  I would say the bump seems  lighter compared to the surrounding. But if left alone while fully erect it doesnt seem any different in color.  If that makes sense.

When I do pee I sometimes have a slight burning sensation But not always. Ive been like that as far as I can remember.  Which, I'm   sure  it's from the lack of water I'm drinking or high acidic foods I eat. Its never been an  unbearable burning  feeling. I have also been screened and everything has come back negative.
I'm also in the  US
Just tell them what you've told us - it's only visible when erect (if you can take a pic of it to show the doctor, that would be awesome - don't post it here, though - the site doesn't allow genital pics), that you can move it a bit but it goes to the same spot, etc.

When you call, ask them if they take self-pay patients. Some offer discounts if you don't have insurance.

Also, call your local health dept. Many have free or low cost clinics for people without insurance.

Let us know!
So I do have insurance and emailed my dr. A picture of the bump and he told me it was absolutely not cancerous and that it was benign. I'm still going to the dr. To have it physical looked qt. And I'll also see If I need to go to a urologist.

Since he is saying that it is benign should  I be able to safely say it's not an std?
Benign means not cancerous. It doesn't mean not STD. I don't think it's an STD though - that would be visible all the time, not just when erect.

Have you had it checked yet, or has the holiday delayed that?
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