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I have a small hole right above my anus

I have a small hole above my anus, I check the internet and it says it could be Pilonidal Cyst, but I red e symptoms and I haven't experienced any, there is no puss, no blood or any hair or anything, the on,y time I've had blood is when I clean myself to hard, I actually have a weird inflameted rash in my anus, what could that be too? But I am more concerned about the small hole above my anus, am I freak?! Will it ever go away!?
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I'm bummed that no one has answer. I have a similar question ans wonder, was that dimple-like spot alyways there, or is it new?
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The best way to tell what it is, would be to get to the doctor- there are a lot of different conditions that could cause it, like the cyst mentioned above- or I know that you can even be born with a dimple spot there, and yes- it's likely to last your life if that is the case.  But, no guess you can get here will replace a doctor taking a look in person so get you a more accurate answer.  
What kind of doctor? I'm able to get in to see certain specialists but not a general practictioner. I can get to a nurse practictioner in another state. Is a hole big enough deal for the cost when it's not showing signs of infection?
The local dermatologists are not interested in anything outside of regular biopsies in obvious places and won't likely agree to making a diagnosis.
Is there a reason you can't see a general practitioner- is it difficult in your location?  I'm not sure where you are located, but a general practitioner or a dermatologist would be where I would start.  If it's just a dimple and you aren't experiencing pain, it's not growing/changing, it's not itching, and you have had it for some time- you could probably leave it go- but it sounds like you have noticed bleeding and you are also seeing a rash.  If you haven't tried a dermatologist or called a general practitioner, don't just assume they won't take a look- give it a chance and call the offices.
GPs in this area only accept insurance I can't afford. I'm not making assumptions. Healthcare options in general are poor to nonexistent in my area (and that's discounting the offices run like scams). It's why I follow sites like this. I can't afford to go to an ER or another state for everything.

My spot doesn't appear to be changing. I'll have to leave it while dealing with higher priority issues.
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