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I have a small very hard lump in the leg - Can someone give me advice.

As if you are looking down at your left leg, on the front right of the calf as you are looking at it, about 4 inches from the knee I have a hard lump.  This lump is very very hard, and probably the size of a half a tictac.  It is not round, and appears to have a flat side.  When I put my fingers either side of it and 'roll it' between my fingers It feels like it 'crunches' inside the skin, like rolling a tiny lump of glass between cloth.  It gets tender to the touch and will get a little bigger if do this, but each morning it is back to normal again.  I have an therapy mode muscle stimulator and put the pads either side, to get the current to travel through this lump.

This effectively reduces any inflamation after 30 minutes, and leaves just the lump again.

I will go to the doctor, but because I am always travelling it is hard to get to one.  I will book one for two weeks time.

Anybody have any idea as it seems a little weird for a Thrombosis?

As I have an acupuncture kit, I have been thinking of applying needles to either side of the area.  Does anyone have any views on this?


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It's probably a phelobolith, a kind of calcium deposit in a vein.  Whatever, it's likely to be of no importance.   I suggest you not needle or traumatize it, first because that doesn't accomplish anything, and second, so the doctor you see can check out the lump and get a clear idea of what it is.


Dr. Rockoff
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