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I have bumps that squeeze out puss from head, to shoulders.

I have been getting these bumps that vary in size from the top to my head to my shoulders. They even get on my ears. They haven't appeared around my eyes, lip, or mouth. I can squeeze them like pimples and white stuff comes out of them. They are not itchy, but I can feel them.
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Skin may react to foods or to topical problems.  This could be a bacterial problem.  I would suggest trying Nizoral shampoo and find a tea tree type shampoo as well and alternate.  Try pure tea tree oil on your shoulders and see if that helps.  It treats bacteria and fungal infections.  Has your diet changed?  Did you add a lot of junk food or fruit juice that is not your usual, or anything else new?  My skin was trying to tell me I had celiac disease.  Since I finally got diagnosed I got off gluten and that fixed my skin except for psoriasis (which may be related to having my gallbladder out).   There are many different possible causes, so it is advisable to get a diagnosis so you don't waste your money on a bunch of home treatments.  
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