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I have no idea what is wrong with my body odor

The strange thing is ever since I've been a little girl around 10 or so I started to get this very bad odor. Call me crazy but it wasn't until later that I realized I could feel kind of like a heat radiating off of my body...coming from the top of my head, my neck and nose. Which is the source of where my odor was coming from. I have no idea how to solve this problem. I have really good hygiene, my scalp seems normal, no flaking, itching, or oiliness, nor am not overweight. It is just the odor. I shower daily, sometimes 2 times daily and the problem doesn't seem to subside...sigh..I have yet to find a cure..you could only imagine how embarrassing it is..Please help.
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Bad odor is mostly of sweat which may be seen in anxiety,obesity, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, synthetic fibers and warm temperatures. It is also seen in excessive sweating or hyperhydrosis.Hyperhydrosis may be primary (without known cause and usually starts during childhood or adolescence and persists all life) or secondary (as part of an underlying condition like Hyperthyroidism or similar endocrine diseases and dermatological conditions like eczema, psoriasis).Smelling scalp can be due to stress or hormonal changes which may lead to excess oil produced by the oil glands in your scalp. This causes the harmless bacteria that live in the scalp to proliferate and feed off the oil, which produces the odor.

I think getting a thyroid profile tested in the lab may help and also please consult a dermatologist to find out the confirmatory diagnosis as treatment depends on the same.
Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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My 10 year old son radiates a smell from his head.  He showers daily but cannot get rid of the smell.  He is healthy and involved in sports.  What do you recommend for a child?
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