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I have over 200 flat warts on my face

I have over 200 warts on my forehead and most recently I found them on the side of my face. I have tried castor oil which used to work but they seem to always come back. I have tried aldera cream, which did not work, and effudex cream that did work on most of them but always came back when I stopped the use of it. These warts are starting to come up every where now, on my chest hands, feet, and neck. I am freaking out and am tired of seeing dermatologist that basically tell me lets try this, like they are unsure if it will work and then it ends up costing me hundreds of dollars on something that doesn't work. I have read that they are supposed to go away but I have had mine for 7 years and they are spreading to all different parts of my body not just my face where it orginally started. I am currently pregnant and I was hoping to find out if there is any hope for treatment of this virus, while pregnant or post pregnancy. I have been thinking about maybe seeing an Acupunturist to see if they can help me,what do you think?

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My 15 yr old daughter has had these same flat warts on her forehead for 2 yrs. She is soooo self conscious! I feel for her so much. She has been to 4 diff docs and tried castor oil, aldera,tagamet and accupuncture. Nothing works! Accupuncture does seem to lessen it some and hold it down, as long as she goes twice a week. If you find anything that works, please email me at ***@****.
We are getting desperate.
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There is no single treatment for warts that is 100% effective and different types of treatment may be combined.

You should consult a skin specialist for the symptoms. If these are plane warts - you would benefit by using salicylic acid cream, cryotherapy, curettage and light cautery.

If these are filiform warts - cryotherapy or curettage and light cautery would help.

Facial warts should not be treated with wart paints because of the risk of severe irritation and possible scarring.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us about what your skin specialist advises.


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Hello- Thank you for your feedback Ahood, and BhumikaMD. I will be making yet another appointment tomorrow to see my dermatologist for my facial warts. From my last biopsy I had done it came back that the were indeed flat warts. I will let you know what my Dermatologist advises this next visit. After reading about  my immune system being lower due to me being pregnant that is probably the reason they are spreading. Ahood, my heart goes out to your daughter I can't imagine what this is doing to her self esteem. At 15 having a zit is the end of the world! Having something on your face that sticks out ,doesn't want to go away and wants to spread every where is a different story.
How long did your daughterr keep up the acupuncture?And have you tried hypnotherapy. That is something a dermatologist advised me to do a long time ago and I thought she was crazy by now I am willing to go to the end of the world in search for a healer. You would think that there would be more focus on this issue.
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Glad to know that the post was of some help to you.

It was nice of you to write back.

Do keep us posted in the future too and let us know if you need any other information.

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Hello everyone! Go to Feel-Rite or any natural organic health vitamin store...

I'll never forget it- I was at work and my chin itched. I felt a bump and looked in the mirror thinking it was acne I kept picking at it-the next day I had 5 more attached to the one I had been touching (in a straight line all connected to one another). I knew it was not acne but it took several months before I was able to see a dermatologist so I put it off. Over two  years I went from having about 5-80. I could not take it anymore and saw a dermatologist who did not seem very knowledgeable of flat warts on the face and told me there was nothing he could do except give me topical treatments and said they should disappear on their own. The third year I had hundreds of flat warts on my face only. I had them on my forehead, my nose, cheeks, chin and eyelids. And then one night my flat warts started itching so bad and there was no relief and I woke up with hundreds more. I went to my doctor again and he said he has never seen so many on a person's face in his entire career and suggested I go see another doctor and go to a University as a case study (unreal).  I found another doctor I heard about from a friend who did a laser removal treatment of flat warts and made an apt (I had to wait 6 months to be seen)- I wanted to go to an insane asylum because I could not handle the pain, inconvenience, and the alarming growth rate literally over night. My mother took me to Feel-Rite (an organic and natural health and vitamin store). A woman suggested that I take immune boosting vitamins, drink plenty of water with a lot of lemons in it (make it at home and put in the fridge (a natural lemonade with no sugar) and these little sugar coated things that came in a small cylinder that is a cure for Warts- it says on the bottle. They taster like candy and you take 5 of the little pellets 3 times a day until the warts go away.  I swear to god- I still talk about it probably every month in disbelief with my mother- Those little pellets I think created the miracle. I woke up the next morning and I had only 1 flat wart on my chin- with no scarring, or exfoliation (it was as though they were never there). I was so freaked out because I had not felt my skin that soft in over three years. Every day I woke up the warts were vanishing. By the eleventh day every last flat wart was gone and I have not had one since. It in an overwhelming experience and I feels o blessed to have come across such a miracle it is unbelieveable. I cry every time I think about it because I went through such torture in the last year of having those warts- i kept the last apt. just to talk to the new doctor about my condition- he was astonished but proudly and encouragingly told me they will probably never come back again and maybe it was the immune boasting vitamins that my body needed- or perhaps it was those little pellets... Everyone try it please. Those little pellets are only about 7 dollars for a bottle and I only use 1 and half bottles... Good luck
What kind of immune boosters were you taking? And how much lemon water would you normally drink daily?
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can u please tell me what kind of sugar pellets u are talkin about? and also what kind of vitamins. I have warts all over my chin that spread from shaving. please,'please help. thanks
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Thuja occidentalis- they come in different doses- get the highest one they are all the same price. Please keep me updated and best of luck to you.
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Thanks for your suggestion. I am also suffering from the same problem. I have also tried everything that you mentioned together with homeopathy treatment. But its of no use. I am staying in Mumbai. Kindly let me know where do you stay and the name of the doctor. I can go to any city to get rid of these warts.

Thanks once again
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I'm not sure if I had the type of warts, but for years I had dozens of small, flat warts on my legs. They eventually spread to my right eyebrow. You couldn't see them unless you closed close. I gave up shaving my legs in an attempt to get rid of them. I saw a number of dermatologist. My first doctor tried freezing them a few times, then various acid treatments. Soon enough they numbered too many and my doctor wasn't willing to freeze them all. I tried various creams, including one that caused an allergic reaction in my eye. After a few years I gave up. My mamaw then told me about when my uncle had warts as a kid. She said they rubbed one half of a raw Idaho potato on the warts, then buried the used potato. She claimed it work, so I tried it. I didn't bury the potato (I just threw it away), but it still worked! I noticed the warts were disappearing after two days. I repeated the treatment twice until all the warts were gone. I couldn't believe it. I can't say this will work for you. My warts were petty, but it's worth a shot! Let me know if it works for you.
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I just read your post of Jun 2012 because I too have these warts all over.  Started on face then legs and now arms.  Dermo can't give me any real answers....but just wait to go away.  Since its been couple of years, are you still free of these warts, or are you still taking same remedy you mentioned in post?  I am planning on trying this out if it still seems to work out for you.
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my 7 year old has about 20 tiny tiny warts and growing it seems
i've started him on vitamins
and applying tea tree oil on them

any suggestions?

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how long did you have to leave the potato juice on?
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