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I have purple marks on my skin. Should I be worried?

I was born with a small reddish birthmark above my foot. At the time doctors dismissed it and told my parents that it would either go away with time, stop growing or keep expanding. It stopped growing when I was little, and turned reddish purple. Then, a few years ago I noticed a second mark 8 cm above the first one. They look alike, but the new mark is more pale than the 1st one and more purplish, not red. At first I thought it was a bruise, after going to a doctor I was told to just ignore it. Then, a while later a second mark appeared, and a third. Over the last 11 years (I'm 26,and I think this started when I was in my teens) 4 marks have appeared. They look a lot like pale purple bruises, they don't change color or shape. Now a new mark has started to appear and I'm getting seriously worried. Could it be some formbof skin cancer or symptoms of an underlying condition? Also, my lower leg looks like it is covered in bruises because of the marks, and it is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. For the record my skin is really pale and fair.
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Hello~I would see your GP, or better yet, see a dermatologist. You definitely need some blood work or other tests to rule out anything serious.
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