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I have red, sore blistered then peelinglips

For 4 to 5 yrs I've been having a lip problem. They will get red and swollen 1st then blister then they burst and ooze very painful then peel.  Sometimes they will get better and then sometimes they continue to repeat this over and over.  It can get better in 10 days or several weeks.  It seems to happen in summer mostly and especially when I'm on vacation in the sun.  Do I feel like sun is definitely a factor.  It seem like anything I put on my lips would start a flare up so I felt like I must be allergic to everything but only on my lips?  Is that possible?  One dermatologist didnt do much and said I must've had an allergic run but to that many things....  I've quit using everything on my lips except for vaseline. I hadn't used any sunscreen either on my lips bc I thought that o had a flare up or before but I dont know.  I'm scared to try anything bc I'm afraid it's going to flare my lips up.  I did recently purchase a SPF 45 lip sunscreen that is free of a lot of chemicals I did use it 3 or 4 times and my lips were fine but then a few days later they flared up. Can you have delayed allergic rx?  The other times they happened pretty quick.  I'm wondering if I dont have a allergic rx and it's just too much sun with no sunscreen.. I wonder if it's some kid of fever blisters that just last long and look different.   Any suggestions?  I need answers..  it's very painful and I hate having ot happen when I'm on vacation. Its miserable  thanks on advance
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When you went to the dermatologist, did you have any of these spots for them to look?  Did you do any allergy testing?  Have you been back to another doctor since?  
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