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I have tiny white beads on my scalp that don't seem to go away

About a year ago, in quarantine, I started finding these little white beads on my scalp. They weren't falling out, the only way I could find them was by running my fingertips through my scalp and pulling at my follicles. I assumed they were lice eggs so I did a treatment, and I did have lice (in quarantine, somehow). But even after I was lice-free, I still found these beads in my hair. I could pull out like 5-6 daily and I'd still find new ones. Now, a year later, I'm still finding beads on my scalp. And now my head is itchy again, so I think I have lice, but I'm in quarantine and there's basically no-one I could have caught it from. Does anyone know what those beads could be, and why aren't they going away? And why do I keep getting lice in quarantine? No-one else in my family has.
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