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I itch after eating foods with sugar

I first started developing symptoms of itching and breaking out in small bumps in a few places on my body after eating about 3 years ago.
I had all kins of tests done to make its nothing serious and the doctors ended up telling me it urticaria and tht there isnt anything i van do about it. She told me to take antihestamines when i start itching.
3 years later and i still have the same problem, at times better than others. The moment i eat anything with sugar in it i will start itching for hours and will have to take antihestamine.
It causes me great discomfort at times and i would really like to find out why this ishappening.
Does anyone have advice on this for me?
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It looks like food allergy and the hives are appearing as a result of food allergy to the sugars. This can be found by allergy testing. Skin tests are used for this purpose. This test involves pricking, scratching or injecting food extracts into the patient’s skin. The skin will react with redness and swelling for those extracts capable of eliciting an allergic reaction when consumed. Other tests used are blood tests like RAST and food challenge tests.

You need to consult an allergist for confirming the diagnosis.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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dumb post by doctor you don't need a test because you know its Sugar !
I know i have the same problem .The question is how do you solve the sugar problem because everything has sugar in it. i went to lots of Doctor and all they give you is a pill that makes you sleep . Doctors won't get to the problem they like to hand out pills because they don't know them selves so let me know when you find the cure.
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My Daughter is 1yr old and 11mos. and have the same problem after eating some sweets, she may have some red patches on her skin, particularly in her arms, legs, toes, and we haven't seeing a doctor yet, just noticed it and wonder why, just want to know also if someone there encountered the same, and what it is and what they do.  
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I have the same problem with sugar, that is carbohydrates in general. The only solution I have found is to not eat carbohydrates. The dietary restrictions require a lot of discipline, but it works. If I decide to go ahead and eat carbohydrates, I just know that I will suffer.

I have found some types of food are worse than others: for me all grain is a huge problem; eating potatoes a few times per week is not as bad, so I eat them; apples work OK but all citrus and grapes are out; wine and alcohol are also huge problems.

Wishing you all all the best!
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Every time I eat anything with sugar or any starchy foods I itch but I don't have the rash like some of you. And it's very hard because there is sugar in almost everything. there has got to be a cure for this, because it is very aggravating. And I drank lots of water thinking it will help. HELP!!!!!!!!  
also can this be a symptom of diabetes?
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I have this condition too and my son just came down with it also.  I control it by eating an alkalizing diet.  I recommend doing a cleanse also.  I did a two week cleanse and it stopped the itching and then ate using the acid/alkaline chart.  It works!  You can use Loratadine and Zantac for the symptoms but not as a cure.  They only mask the problem.  I hope you will find health and vitality.
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