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I think I have (cortico) steroid acne too.

I'd been on dexamethasone for bronchitis and then I went to hospital and they changed me to prednisone.  I was also been on ciprofloxacin and roxithromycin so I'm not 100% sure what caused the rash.

On these drugs, my skin was perfectly clear, something that it has never been before. I've always had eczema and those tiny white follicle bumps all over.  

Then a day or two after I finished all courses of drugs, my eczema started to return, and I also developed a myriad of red bumps all down my chest in a downward triangle that goes into my cleavage.  I can't squeeze anything out of them like I can't help doing with pimples.  They seem to have a little white spot on top, are about 1-1.5mm in size, and seem to sting when touched or sometimes just spontaneously.

Should I try and get some antifungal treatment for them?  I have read that it resolves spontaneously over several weeks or months.  Does treatment increase the rate at which it resolves?  Is it always caused by malassezia?  Malassezia furfur or another?  I would like to try and grow it as I work in a lab, but I know this organism has special requirements.

Please could someone also advise how I can decide if I have Measles or not, as there has been an outbreak in my country and I have a few people worried.

Please advise on the next sensible course of action.  I guess I should go to the doctor and see what they say.

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Measles will have rash flush with skin.You have mono morphic acne precipitated by steroid.It will resolve on its own.No antifungals are indicated.
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Thanks, that's the conclusion I had come to too.
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