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Infant Eczema

I have a 5 mos old with eczema.  He has been prescribed a cortisone and Eucerin cream by his Pediatrician.  This works fine on rest of his body, but he has an area on his cheek that will not completely heal and when the weather gets cold gets very inflamed and weeps.  At it's best it is still red and outline of area can be seen. Our Pediatrician has told us we can not use cortisone on him too often because it thins out the skin.  When we do not use cortisone every day.  I am concerned about possible scarring in that area and it disturbs me to see it so inflamed and weeping fluid.  Is there anything I can use that will not harm his skin or possibly anything natural that can be used in conjunction with cortisone?  

Thank You!
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Eczema in small children is particularly prone to ooze.  The older he hets, the less his eczeman will ooze.  The redness which persist after a patch of it has subsided is not a prelude to scarring.  Because eczeman just affects the upper epidermis, it never leads to permanent scarring.

In my experience, many pediatricians (I used to be one myself) are more worried about cortisone than they need to be.  A weak preparation suitable for a child's face, like 2.5% hydrocortisone, will not atrophy, or thin, the skin.  If you don't use cortsione, you are essentially doing nothing at all, and there is in my view no need for that.

Hope this is useful.


Dr. R
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my grandson 6 month old has eczema. it not real bad but will it hurt  him if he goes in the ocean or pool? will it dry him out more thank you
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Dear Sandra,
RE: dry fingertips
rash on palms

Look for comment by JET I'm starting to sound like a Medrol salesman.

When my son was a baby his pediatrician okayed the use of Medrol for him as long as it was kept away from his eyes.

Good News! Usually eczema lessens as a person gets older.
Bad News! Whereever you had it as a kid is the place it will break out as you get older.
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