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Infected ingrown hair and STD risk

I had/(have) an infected ingrown hair on the middle shaft of my penis that was, (& is still being) treated with Bactroban (2x daily now) and neaosporin. The doctor also helped initially draw out the most infection pocket almost 2 weeks back. The elongated and narrow lump has gone down in considerable size and it is not sore and/or as red as it was, however, there is still a small lump and a little, little amount of puss that comes out of the same small, (literal) spot area daily. I do not see a hair coming out of that general area yet either. I'm wondering if the hair is a fine follicle and is still inside and not able to penetrate the now, previously infected, (minor scarred) skin, and that the infection, while now, seemingly under control will not subside until that hair follicle breaks through the skin, (if it can...)? Additionally, I am sexually active and while it's not a wound, per say, and I am attempting to use condoms as best I can, am I still at elevated risks for general STD's, HIV, etc...? When can I expect this to heal? When should I see a dermatologist, if at all and what can be done about this?
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Dear gybek,

Thanks for writing in.

Since a little amount of pus is still being expressed, there is a possibility that there may still be some hair down there. Usually, the pus or inflammation caused by ingrown hair is not due to infection and thus antibiotics alone are not very helpful.

The best treatment is to remove the hair which I assume has already been done in your case.

You said that you still have some pus coming OUT, which suggests that there is already an opening in the skin (otherwise the pus would have got accumulated)

The lump may take a while to go as it has formed due to fibrosis.

I suggest you use a steroid antibiotic cream (like Fucibet) twice daily. This will help reduce the inflammation. So use the suggested cream and wash the area daily.  I think you will be fine in about a week

If you are using a condom religiously, I do not see any reason for you to be at high risk for acquiring sexually transmitted infections.

But if you do not use a condom, then this boil does put you at increased risk as the continuity of the skin is breached.

I think you can wait for another 7 days before you see your dermatologist. If the condition does not improve, you would need a personal consultation.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Gaurang Krishna
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