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Inflamed skin growth on head of penis. Lichen Planus?

I have a skin condition on the head of my penis i have had for a couple years now. Everything i have researched leads me to believe it is Lichen Planus, but I am hoping to get some educated opinions here. I think its important to consider the very first onset of how this came to be.

A couple years ago I noticed a purple flat topped lesion on the underside of my penis on the upper part of the shaft below the head. I was worried but did nothing about it. A few days later smaller dark purple lesions started developing around the rim of the head. The skin on the head developed an inflamed, thickened texture with grooves and striations that remain to this day. (see pic) Also when erected there are many pin head sized bumps under the skin, and also they remain to this day. The small lesions would slowly dissapear with time, and then re-appear in different locations and then disappear again. Also, the main big purple lesion on the shaft went away after this all moved to the head.

Since then I have also developed urinary issues. Frequent urination, irritated urethra and bladder with an almost constant 'pinching' sensation in the tip of my penis. Alot of times the head looks dark purple after urinating with shades of red discolored and white spots in the skin. Also there is a red/pink lining around the meatus (opening) that is quite apparent.

I am healthy and 31 years old, NOT sexually active nor was I around the time that this came about. I was tested for herpes anyways, and came out negative. I have seen urologists to no avail. I have seen one dermatologist who didn't rule out Lichen Planus but said it was more likely seborratic dermatitis and gave me some desonide cream to use for 3 days which I used and it did nothing. After masturbation the skin on the head of the penis is very wrinkly and ugly and almost looks dry/shiny.

I also believe I might have lichen planus in my mouth. My tougne has a whitish coating and also some white coatings inside the cheeks. And I developed the same slightly inflamed skin growth with grooves on my upper lip and my lips have become very sticky when I talk. Could this be a bacterial infection?

I'm at my wits end with this it affects me daily and I really hope to get some help. I believe the right dermatologist could help me greatly, but I can't keep going from doctor to doctor with no help or improvment, because they've never seen this before and they don't know how to diagnose it. Could I use Protopic or Elidel cream to treat this?

Any advice much appreciated thank you.

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Oh yeah I forgot to add, it does not itch and never has. And I've tried all the anti-fungal creams to no avail.
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I have almost the same problem man I don't get it. Went into urgent care and they told me they were 80% sure it was ring worm or athletes feet. Using over the counter anti fungal and it sure as hell hasn't made a difference.
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For your symptoms, lichen planus should be ruled out. Lichen planus is an inflammatory disease that affects the skin, penis and the oral mucosa, and presents itself in the form of papules(flat spots) or rashes . Lacy streaks is a characteristic of this disease. It is an itchy papular eruption characterized by its violaceous color
Treatment is available only on prescription and consists mainly of steroids, retinoids, hydroquinone and phototherapy.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Hello doctor...
Will you plz help me ....
Mam actually my mom is using betnovate N since last two or three years , n now their is continuous formation of acne on his face , daily one grows on either side of face... Recently she went to a dermatologist , n she said my mom damages her inner skin badly.. n she recommended metrozyl gel n faceclin as well... But by applying this skin becomes dry and white... Will you please help what should I do for I him... And yes mam , m also a MBBS student , n my mom has a low count of esinophills as well which resist infections , is this a reason , that each n everything she applied on her face react..??
Please mam , help me or suggest some gel and tubes so that my mom feel relaxed.... She is very tensed regarding her skin...
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Thank you for your response Bhupinder. I had posted a picture up of my glans and the inflamed skin on it which may have assisted in diagnosing the condition, but someone reported it and MedHelp took it down. I have seen quite a few other genital pictures on this site from people like me trying to get help and they decided to take mine off? Whatever.

The more I research my sypmtoms the more I am convinced it is either Lichen Planus, or Psoriasis. Both of which people claim that Elidel or Protopic has helped them. I think I am experiencing what they call post-inflammatory pigmentation among other things...which would explain the color changes in the glans. I will indeed keep you posted, and I hope I can get help so that others with a similar problem can more accurately diagnose.
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same symptoms here.   tested negative on everything.  Doc believes just based on visual that it is Lichen Planus.  Gave me some steroid cream that helped but not completely.   Mine did happen to show up 3 months after a wild 3some.  But again, I was tested negative on everything and Lichen Planus is not supposed to be transmittable.  would love to get it figured out.   I also started having problems with throat inflamation and silent acid reflux )(LRS)
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Had the same thing, used calamine lotion on penis head for around a week and it had completely gone. 3 weeks later it started to come back so now I use it before bed or before work and clean and redo every 4 to 6 hours.
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