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Ingrown Hairs- Laser treatment?

Last year I stared getting ingrown hairs in my face pretty much out of nowhere.  I really did not have acne problems before this began.  I have been using duac gel and it reallt has not gotten much better.  I have been told that laser treatment would be a great choice.  What is the average price range for the laser removal of ingrown hairs?

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Laser therapy for ingrown hairs may cost a bit more. Here are some estimated costs I have found for you. You may check on the url's for more information. Some of these prices were dated about two years ago. However, prices depend on the areas involved. These are prices for hair removal therapy, not necessarily for cases of ingrown hairs only.

Hair removal laser surgery is costlier than other methods. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons the average price for laser treatment in the US is $ 229.


Another survey on laser hair removal treatments in the U.S.A. gives these averages according to area:
Average Cost for 1 treatment:
• Midwest - $497
• East - $458
• South - $307
• West - $469

Price is per one (1) treatment:

Full face - $150-300

Upper lip - $50-150

Chin - $50-150

Underarms (both) - $50-150

Regular bikini - $100-200 (definition at each clinic is different – ask!)

Brazilian bikini - $200-300

Half legs (both) - $200-400

Half arms (both) - $200-400

Butt - $150-300

Back - $200-500

Chest - $100-300 (ask for definition)

Abdomen - $100-300 (ask for definition)


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Hey, just thought I'd let you know that I recently had laser removal around my bikini area and my sister has had it done on her lip. Its totaly worth it. The thicker the hair the more treatments you will need but 8 is the maxium. It saves your skin from being shaved and roughed up.
I would go for it.
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