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Ingrown hair, or worse?

Hello, I used my husband's razor to touch up my armpits 3 days ago (dry).  Later that evening, I could feel a pain in that area and assumed it was an ingrown hair.  Though no lump was visible, I could feel one beneath the skin.  

The next day the lump turned red and had a line that bisected it (not to sound graphic, but it resembled a woman's vagina.)  My armpit became extremely painful and the pain has persisted and elevated since then.  I have not noticed much of a change in the appearance of the lump, either.

I am wondering if this sounds like a severe case of razor burn, or is perhaps an infection, or maybe some other ailment that I did not think of.  Also, what would be a good treatment?  Thank you so much!
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A cut on the skin may indicate that a dermatitis or a skin infection may be present. Certain skin conditions like dermatitis and fungal infections may cause thinning of the skin and may cause breaks on it. I suggest that you do not apply anything on the area. Observe the skin and wash it with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil. Antibiotic cream like mupirocin may be applied thinly over the area and see if the skin responds to the medication. Take pain relievers for the pain. Make sure you have no allergies with the pain relievers.
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