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Intense itching on legs, arms and stomach

About two weeks ago, I noticed that on my outer thigh area right near my knee, my leg started to itch....badly.  I had on pants and thinking it was just a mosquito bite or something similar, I scratched it.  Then next thing I know, there is a itchy red raised rash in that place that was about one inch wide and three inches long.  It was extremely itchy.  Following this, I started noticing that I was getting the same kind of itchiness on my arms, neck, and legs and stomach.  These were mostly single bumps.  There were tiny tiny little red marks on my stomach the size of like someone just poked me with a needle and let out just a little bit of blood, those don't itch though.  I never got anymore severe rashes like the one on my outer thigh, although I did get two clumps of raised itchy bumps, one in a circle type shape and the other in more of a linear shape.  They were all on my legs.  I don't know what else to do!!  I have searched and searched my bed for bed bugs, nothing showed up.  I have looked at scabies online, but I just don't know.  PLease help me!!
I also have not taken or eaten anything out of the ordinary, no changing up detergents, nothing.  I'm  creature of habit!  Ive taken benadryl and that would work a little bit. I don't know if this is any need to put in here but I have had a history of breast cancer.
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Scabies is the impression. Look out for family members for itch or lesion.
Best wishes.
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