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Seventeen day ago  (Wednesday) I discovered a  burning rash on my scrotum.    The following Monday I went to my dermatologist for a check up for a previous skin cancer treatment on my arms.    I asked him to look at the rash and he said to use the same cream (Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream)  that I was using on my arms.   The rash continued to spead during the week.   The next Monday I was at  my internist's office  and asked  him to look at it to see if it was infected.    He said it looked like it was and prescribed  (Sulfamethoxazole/tmp.  DS TABITP)  Two tablets a day for ten days.    After five days there is no improvement in the rash.   The burning calms down after the cream is applied  for about  two to three hours.     I read the posting where (Locid Cream) was prescribed by a dermatologist for what appeared to be a similar condition.   Would this also be your recommendation?    Should I continue the  antibiotics?    Thank you.    
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My best guess- and it's just a guess--is that you have a yeast infection, which a steroid cream might worsen.  I can't think of any useful role for an oral antibiotic like sulfa.  Locoid is just a weaker version of what you're already using.  You ought to call your dermatologist tomorrow, since you have one, and find out the next step.  If it is a yeast infection, then a simple switch to a diffferent cream should do the trick.  But don't guess--get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Dr. Rockoff
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