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Irritation (Dark patches) at the tip of my pennis


I am 26 years old man and I am uncircumcised. Recently, I got into cyber sex. During last three weeks or so, I masturbated everyday, nearly 2 hours a day. Several times, I knew I was hurting my penis because I felt kind of hurt and irritated. In addition, I did not use any oil or lubricant to lubricate my penis. I also did not wash my penis after I ejaculated. Anyway, starting from two three days ago, I began to see strange looking dark patches at the tip of my penis, especially, around the opening area. To me, it looks like irritated group of penile papules. It looks slightly inflamed too. When I touch it, it does not hurt. However, my penis feels sort of itch. When my penis is erected, it is less noticeable, but when it is not, I see clear dark patches around the opening of my penis. I also found myself urinate more often than usual.

For your reference, I have not had sex about a year/half. I remember having similar problem on my penis before. I experienced similar problem on my penis after severe masturbation.  However, this time, it looks much more apparent. I like to know what this is. I just presume I got an infection. Please let me know your opinion on this problem.

Thank you
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What you describe sounds much less like masturbation than like extra pigmentation which comes about from irritation.  Certainly, masturbating 2 hours a day will cause irritation.  You need to cut back, to apply a bland moisturizer (any lotion will do) and then the discoloration will go away, gradually over the next few weeks.  It would be a good idea to show this to a doctor if the discoloration gets worse or doesn't get better in that time (or if you have frequency or pain on urination.)


Dr. Rockoff
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Perhaps you should post in the mental health section insteed. Just a thought.
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Didn't your momma tell ya that would make you go blind?
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I have been worrying about this also, I have the same problem, I am circumcized and have used a lubricant - I was wondering if Jin's problem has disappeared.  Please post a reply.  Thanks
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