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Is it folliculitis or HErpes?

I am 23 y/o with overactive immune system. I current am on a number of therapies for allergies and immunology. since nov 2013 have had a stubborn rash that typically only goes away with steroids/antibiotics. the dermatitis covers my bib/ turtle neck t-shirt area of my body ( usually). I often have open skin only hands and feet and torso/neck area. I get infections often. I have had three this year involving follicles under my arms and genitalia. recently I broke out in hive in my crotch after consuming  chicken and corn from tasting my toddlers food(normal for me).I took benadryl and the itch and hives subsided after I scratched a lot and let the medication do the rest. ( I couldn't help it). I went to bed a few hours later and the itch and pain subsided. I woke up sore throughout the day the pain progressed. I subsequently went to the ED thinking I had another bout of shingles due to the characteristics of the bumps and the Dr. Diagnosed me with folliculitis. He prescribed VAltrex, Hydrocodone, attarax, and an antibiotic. well I went to patient first to hopefully be tested ( I looked up why they give vaulter so I was afraid) She automatically diagnosed me with herpes. She saw what i considered to  be beautiful pink ulcers  this is after the pustules popped from my weight or friction. I kept a moist vaseline protective covering over it for comfort. I am wondering why patient first says I have herpes without testing for it FIRST and asking appropriate questions? Is this an honest Mistake? should I be worried? Because I AM!!! I do not want herpes and the folliculitis diagnosis is most fitting to my history NOT Herpes!! I need help. I can provide pictures
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