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Is it possible to get rid of scalp buildup?

I have had this dark scab on my scalp since I was a child. It never itched and it never hurt. I've tried all sorts of medicated shampoos, and it only reduced build-up to a small thin layer. But the build-up would comeback and i decided to live with this, until recently. I had a pimple on the back of my head. When i tried to pop it and apply rubbing alcohol, I accidentally scratched the pimple. A couple weeks later the scratched pimple became a scab just like my other bump. I tried using dermarest medicated shampoo, but the build-up still comeback.
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My son has this exact same problem. I was told at his birth that it was cradle cap. He has never been able to get rid of it, no matter what he's tried.
His mother in law is a hair dresser and has tried many things on him...nothing.
Have you had a dermatologist look at it? It could be psoriasis . In which case you could try a cream or shampoo made for psoriasis .

My son generally just uses a comb and gently scrapes the top of his head with it...then showers to get rid of more of it. Try using less water and more skin creams. Use only baby shampoo as well...it seems to lessen it.
Water is skins worst enemy and dries it out.
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