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Is my dermatologist scamming me?

Just wondering, but would this be a scam for a 15 year old. Over the counter creams haven't worked for me but I haven't been following the schedule of the cream that my general praticoner recommend me(still getting used to schedule).

First, I got in from darmsdat(german city) and got in to the practice. We arrived 10 minutes before. The que was really long. We had to wait 10 minutes just to go and see the recoponist. However, by the time my mom came into the receptionist, we were 2 or 3 minutes late. So, we had to wait 30 minutes just to see a dermatologist after that(In germany, they tend to cancel the appotainments because the are very busy). Then, we came into the office. The dermatologist came in and checked the cream I was using for 5 seconds. Didn't ask about any allergie information, don't think he asked about background information and told us that the sun exposure is good for the pimples. Then, he checked my pimples. It was a 2 second check. Only face checked very fast, almost too fast, my mom didn't tell him there was any issues with the back, bum etc. no need to take shirt off, etc. Then he recommended to use this a mix of substances(don't know exact ones), and then gave us 'testers' of three companies, one of them own by L'loreal and a mosterizer as well but they had 2 functions. He said that I needed to do scalping(chemical substance), and something else but will see about how skin turns out.
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Just to add on, the total for the non-medicine is 90 euros
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So, I want to be a dermatologist in Germany.  :>)  Sounds like it is a sought after specialty of doctor and they don't have to be very polite.  That's a bummer.  But they do tend to see a lot of the same thing over and over and if he spent a LONG time with you, it would indicate something was super wrong.  :>) (sorry for my bad jokes). Anyway, my derm also will not do whole body checks.  You have to show her specific things.  Others DO do the whole body check.  I would say you would want one that does for your next derm visit.  So, I don't know about these products. That they got samples in the office to give is a marketing thing . . . the company stops by with samples, they give them out and the marketing company then hopes that you go buy those samples. Does NOT mean they aren't good OR that your doctor only recommends them because of that. And hey, you got some freebies in the process.  You aren't tied to using what he recommended and if it were a junk product, he'd not think any samples are worth misleading his patients.  So, not really a scam but a situation a bit manipulated by the marketing company of the OTC products. Up to you if you get them or not.  But it is nice to have something endorsed by your doctor.  I use a 20 dollar body cream because of this.  Not too pricy but way more than I'd ever have wanted to pay.  But it's pretty good and my doc told me about it.  
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