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Is my rash really Pityriasis Rosea?

I've had a rash for about 3 weeks now that many doctors couldn't figure out.  It started off as 3 whiteish bumps on my bicep and went to see a dermatologist who diagnosed it as "contact dermatisis" and prescribed steroid foam (Olux) for it.  It seemed to flatten out the bumps and turn them red.  After a few days the rash spread to my other arm and onto my torso with red spots.  I saw a different dermatologist who thought it was insect bites and prescribed a steroid cream (cleobetisol).  After 3-4 more days the red bumps showed up in more spots on my arms, torso and back.  Some were very wide flat raised red areas on my torso, and some were small blisters on my fingers.

I went back to the original doctor and she prescribed some hydrocortizone for my face and did a biopsy (which came back inconclusive) and prescribed some anti-fungal and antibiotics just in case.   I also saw an allergist who ruled out that it was an allergy.

The last doctor I saw had over 30 years experience and said it was Pityriasis Rosea.  He seemed very positive this was the cause, but after reading about it, I don't have the usual symptoms which makes me worried.  I didn't have a herald patch on my torso at first as it showed up as white bumps on my arms.  I also don't have Christmas tree marks on my back, but there are some red spots on my back.   The red spots also seemed to "spread" after I scratched an area, which seems more consistent with a fungal infection.

Anyone know if I should be concerned?  Or if they have other ideas of what it might be?  thanks!
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If it is Pityriasis Rosea- from what I know of it- it should clear up in a few weeks.  I'd give it a few more days, but if you are continuing to see it get worse, head into the doctor again to show him it's not better.  Skin conditions seem to be really tricky to get 'right'.  Have you been to a dermatologist yet?  
thanks for the reply.  I've been to 3 different dermatologists.  They've all given me different diagnosis and the latest was Pityriasis Rosea.  I know rashes are hard to diagnose, but it's a little frustrating since no one seems to know for sure.
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