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Is this scabies or something else?

So in September I started to get REALLY itchy. I assumed I got a bug bite at first but then the itchyness spread to my whole body except for my face/head. So then I thought, maybe an allergy?

Small bumps kept showing up on my hands and body filled with clear liquid (sebum, I wanna say?). Especially around my hands and in the webbing of my fingers as well as around my feet. The bumps weren't red. Just normal skin color.

I've been traveling so I have yet to get allergy tested, but I can say the itching gets worse if I eat wheat so I assumed it was probably that. But even with completely avoiding wheat, I still feel itchy. Just less itchy.

Recently however, the person I was regularly hooking up with began to get itchy as well. And this morning I was looking at my foot and saw a small raised white line that I'm worried might indicate a scabies burrow, since it definitely wasn't normal.

I went to a doctor (in Japan) and he said he doesn't think it's scabies. But he didn't do any tests or anything. Just gave me anti-itch cream, which I don't really need since generally I can bring the symptoms down to nonexistant with a mix of using Allegra/Tea Tree Oil Lotion/Ibuprofen depending on what I feel like using/have on hand when the itching hits.

It got worse in the evening a lot for the first while, but now I don't think there's specific times even though I'm adjusted Japan time. Like it'll just randomly hit and I'll get super itchy and sometimes itch until I bleed (maybe every other day I'll have a moment where I feel like this--otherwise it's a more low key constant but ignorable itch), but I've been working really really hard to not do that and to immediately just go get some of my lotion and pop an allergy pill or ibuprofen and wait it out until they kick in.

I'm not sure if I should be worried that this is scabies and insist on getting treatment or if I should just wait until I'm back in the US in threeish weeks.
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