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Is this something bad?

Hello, Im 14. and i got a skintag/wart looking thing on my left areola about a year ago, its like white and fleshy. It doesnt hurt or leak or anything, it just sits there. Is this related to breast cancer? Im really concerned. My mom said its pretty much nothing but im still terrified and i dont wanna see a dermatologist. (I also have pain in the left breast, not bad pain but like the pain is there for like 1-2 times a day, and is usually a night, Im wondering if it may be because of the bras i wear, which are TIGHT. Theres no rash or anything wrong with my chest. Im just concerned about the bump.)
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Here's a pretty clearly written article about skin tags from the Cleveland Clinic. Much like your mom, it indicates you've got a nothing-to-worry about, run-of-the-mill skin tag. It mentions other conditions people might have that could be confused with a skin tag, but frankly, what you're describing sounds so much like a skin tag that it would be astonishing if it is anything else. It also says that if you do want to have it removed, a doctor should remove it. (Home treatments can make a mess and leave a scar.) Don't be afraid to have a dermatologist look at any skin thing, they've seen it all.

I had a cluster of skin tags in front of my armpit for at least a year when I was younger, and one by one over time, they dried up and fell off. I've also had one on my eyelid that did the same thing. They don't do this quickly, but do seem to just leave. I've had other things like keratoses that are bigger and rough looking and that stayed, but the skin tags (in my case) have always just sort of hung around for a while and then left of their own accord. I suggest yours might do the same thing.  You can probably just wait a while to see if it resolves on its own.

The link: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/21528-skin-tags-acrochordons
Thank u, makes me feel a lil better. I just dont want breast cancer. My main concern of going to a dermatologist is getting a male doctor, considering im only 14 and a female. But thanks alot
There are female dermatologists; ask your Mom to find one for you if you finally decide to see one about the skin tab.
*tag, that is! Typing too fast. :)
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