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Itchie Skin

For about the past two weeks, my skin has been very itchie.  It doesn't look like a common rash.  It's also not in one targeted spot.  I itch everywhere, but at different times.  My feet and hips could be itching.  Or my hands and head.  It's different body parts at different times.  The place that itches looks red.  There is almost like a raised white bump.  Not a perfect circle.  Some are oval or square.  Some will be 1/2 an inch long.  They don't look like pimples, but like blisters, but there isn't anything in the bumps.  I haven't exposed myself to anything new like soaps or foods.  Please let me know what the possiblities on what this is.
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What you describe could be "winter itch," from cold and low humidity.  You might also have a mild case of hives, which are not usually from changed soaps and detergents, despite their reputation.

At your pharmacy you can pick up some Sarna lotion (OTC), an excellent anti-itch lotion.  Apply this liberally and often, mositurize after showering, humidify your bedroom if it's bone-dry, and see what happens.  If this fails, see a doctor.


Dr. R
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Actually the red marks look like welts.  But they show up sometimes and other times they aren't there.
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I've had the same problem with iching all over my body lately.  However, I have no particular areas of redness or anything.  I thought maybe it was the soap or even the lotion I have been using, but to no avail.  So I stopped using soap when I shower (just use soap on my private areas).  It is winter here (even in Florida) and the weather has been pretty cold, so maybe it is winter itch.  All I know is that it has been driving me crazy.  I never knew there was such a thing a "winter itch".  Generally, I have allergies to pollens, etc.  I'm glad we have this forum available to check things out without running to the doctor for every little thing.  Thank you.
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My skin is itchy, and small flakes only on face, I thought it could be winter skin itch but my head always feels like bugs are in it but there arent any.  This is on my face, my chest, my legs, on my eyebrows,my back, sorta all over, but especially on my head and around my eyes.
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I have also been having problems of itching all over. It has really been driving me nuts! I too have white little bumps, like blitsters, just as Kara said she did. Its mostly on my arms and hands. I'm also having alot of problems with dry splitting skin on my fingers and the bottoms of my feet. It is very painful. I wrap my fingers and heels up in gauze pads with ointment hopeing it will get better but it doesn't. What can I do for this?
This Forum is a very big help. I am going to get the sarna lotion that Kara was told to get for the itching and see how it does for me.
Thank you,
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i have had very itchy skin for three years now but what worries me about it is that i have permanent blotches on my tummy back and mostly my legs which appeared three years ago and when i get hot or after a bath or sometimes i can be just sitting relaxing the itching starts and these browm blotches turn red and then they go in a lump and drive me mad. The lumps also go a clear colour so you cannot see where the blotches were. After a while i stop itching and eventually the lumps disappear and the dark blotches appear. What is this condition and can it be treated, as my doctor in england where i live has given up and told me i have to live with it.
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The other morning I woke up with small red bumps over my entire body.  They did not itch at first but now they are really beginning to itch.  They are also beginning to spread.  it does not sound like Hives because i was told hives were more like a raised rash, and that Hives were larger.  These bumps are very small and they are beginning to itch worse.  i was wondering if you could give me some information.  Also, nine days before this all started i was taking Augmentin for an ear infection.  However, once these red bumps started to appear i discontinued use of the drug.  But now it is still getting worse.  it has been 24 hours since i quit taking the drug.
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I have had ithcie skin for the past month.  It seems to have gotten worse within the past week.  I don't itch in the same place every time. I itch a lot in the morning after a shower, after I come home from work, and before I go to bed.  The more I scratch, the more tiny litte bumps or welts appear.  Once I am over the itch, the bumps/welts tend to go away.  I thought maybe it could be related to shingles.  I had a tiny episode with them about 6 years ago.  My question is:

Could this be nerve related?  I tend to itch more when I am under a lot of stress.
Could it be the "winter itch" and it is something that I will suffer through?
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i itch on my arms and legs only. i tried everything for two months now . lotions and creams . the nurse even gave me more lotion. is there any other explanation?
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I've had this rash for at least 1 Year and a half it started on my shoulder then moved to my right breast. then moved to below my belly button area just scratch scratch away i've been doing and when i scratch it relieves the itch and feel much better it's moved to my pubic area where the hairs are. then it moved to my back then last on my left breast..... I vistit the doctor finally this year about it cause now it leave permenant scares all over my body in the spot's i said....what's going on what should i do the doctor perscribe me with a fungas cream It relieved the itch sometimes but i felted the cream was'nt working so I just used my palmers skin success with coca butter and vitamin e but this isn't doing anything for my skin either I already have a dry skin problem alway's did and alway's used a coco butter lotion what should i do now.....the rashes stay in one area they are like at first when i start scrathing red bumps then they turn into little sores till I scratch them till they bleed.....It's agreavating what else should I do before this takes over my body.....Tanya
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I have this terrible itch, just on and round my knees .  It is very red and soirritating.   I have some itching on my ankles and some of my legs, but not like around and above my knees.
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I have never had itching, but now after reading all these comments I am itching like crazy.....
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