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Itching caused by Brachioradial Pruritus is making my skin tough

Hi - I have Brachioradial Pruritus caused by pinched nerves in my neck. My right forearm gets very itchy from this so I'm taking Lyrica which helps greatly. Just lately though I've noticed that where I have been scratching my arm the skin feels rough and dry. No amount of moisturiser helps. Can anyone suggest a cream or lotion that might help?
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Ugh, sorry to hear this.  Our nervous system does great things for us but it is frustrating when it causes issues like this.  I'm glad lyrica is working for you!  So, is the skin change from current or past itching?  Do you use ice packs when an itching attack comes on?  It's supposed to help.  As to creams, topical capsaicin?  Topical  corticosteroids? Lichenfication does happen and you first have to stop itching.  I know that's hard with your situation.  Make sure your nails are trimmed super short always and even consider bandaging the area so you don't get to it.  What, by the way, does your doctor say about this?  As to moisturizer, two I recommend are lac-hidren and an Aveeno product for eczema that is a thick balm.  You can get either at a cvs drug store or whatever drug store is near you.  good luck
Hi specialmom - yes our nervous system is pretty amazing!! I think the skin change is from current itching as I've only just noticed it. Yes I do use an ice pack  - it's the only thing that relieves the itching!  I've only tried normal body lotion on the area so far, but I do have some topical corticosteroid cream from a different itching issue I had - I'll try that on it. I'll look into the Lac-Hydrin and Aveeno lotions.
Thank you so much for your help specialmom - very much appreciated!!!
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