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Itchy, burning, tingling, tight skin, scrotum

I was suffering from Itchy, burning, tingling, scrotum for long time. Sometimes a shooting tingling/itch would suddenly distract me and there was uncontrollable urge to touch there. Scratching resulted in skin getting torn and sometimes blood came out. Doctors were useless - they did tests and concluded it wasn't infection, it was some kind of allergy or "ideopathic dermatitis" etc. The "steroid free" creams did not help.

However, in desparation, i studied a lot of materials and was convinced it was yeast. There was the typical yeasty smell after about 10 hours from showering. Some residue (dead yeast) was present after long time from showering. Etc.

Anyways, tried several things at once for about 1 month. I am cured now but not sure due to what. However, if you are in bad shape with similar symptoms, please try this.

1. Stopped using all kinds of "anti-bacterials". Soaps, lotions, dettol etc. These things kill bacteria and help yeast grow without its natural enemy - the good bacteria.

2. Stopped preservatives rich foods. The preservatives have antibacterial properties and will kill good bacteria in your stomach

3. Stopped carbs and sugars. Went on Atkins diet, but ate more fresh veggies. No fruits, however. This will starve out the fungus/yeast

4. Took probiotic pills - Azo Yeast and Culturelle - 1 of each type daily

5. Tool garlic extract pills and tried to eat fresh garlic clove whenever possible

6. had 1 tablespoon of coconut oil daily, as a salad dressing (does not taste great)

7. used micanozole nitrate cream (2%) available in pharmacy on scrotum, twice daily, after showering and drying the area thoroughly with hair dryer. Applied coconut oil on top of this.

(coconut oil has a unique composition that breaks down yeast cell walls upon contact. this will kill large amounts of yeast every day)

8. Ate yogurt (sugarfree) as often as possible. Tried different kinds to get all kinds of helpful bacteria.

The problem is now 95% gone. I am paranoid, so I will continue eating yogurt, less sugar and coconut oil (and apply coconut oil down there.

Hope this helps you too!

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dude are u having sex? could be and STD or a urine infection  have u tryed urals u get them from the chemist and u mix it with water and drink.
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