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Itchy, peeling, burning skin on fingers, started with little bumps

I noticed little bumps on my pinky and ring finger on my left hand about a week ago.  Now my two fingers are swollen, itchy, burning, peeling, flaky and red.  I am not sure what it is and I don't have anything like this anywhere else.  The little bumps started peeling and now both fingers look really gross and are painful.
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This could be due to irritant Contact dermatitis or the beginning of eczema. Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance (irritant or allergen).  Irritant dermatitis, the most common type of contact dermatitis, involves inflammation resulting from contact with acids, alkaline materials such as soaps and detergents, solvents, or other chemicals.

If you can recall contact with any of the above mentioned or even something you have come in contact with for the first time, this might be the trigger factor.
Eczema is also a skin inflammatory condition that presents in a similar manner. The exact cause is not known. It is a chronic condition which can keep recurring.

The treatment for both the conditions is the application of Corticosteroid ointments. This is recommended only for a short period till the skin inflammation subsides.
you can take anti-histamine medications like Cetrizine to control the itching.

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i have that same problem ! i have had it for about 6 months now and it wont go away, i wake up and itch my fingers till they bleed and i have it on 5 of my fingers it is so gross and nothin seems to help \. the dr. tells me to stay out of water well we all know how easy that is! but mine is so bad all 5 fingers sre dug raw and swollen and burn so bad. please let me know if you come across anything thank you !
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Hi there. I have the same condition... it is on my right middle finger and sometimes seems to (spread) to my pointer finger... although if it touches my other fingers it doesnt seem to infect them... i have had it for 2 years now... off and on. i have seen doctor after doctor and they give me a medicine.. and it seems to start working then comes back full force! i find its bad for a few days or weeks... then subsides for a few days at the most. i have been told to stay out of the water, so i did... of course that didnt work.. i have tried tanning because they say that is good for itchy skin.. and that didnt work.. im begining to think that i am going to be living with this for the rest of my life! i wish there was a doctor out there that can tell me what this is... my finger hurts so bad that i cant bend it all the way.. thats partly because its swollen too.. and if i bend it the skin will crack.. i try gloves with cream at nite... but everything is just an endless hope! I hope they can help you soon so this wont be you in a few years...
Did u ever get relief !??? My bf has it BAD from working at Bk and wearing those damn powdered gloves ALL THE TIME !!!
I have exactly the same on my left middle finger only, it started to spread onto my next finger, but I went to the doc's and was given Fucidin H Cream, it was instant relief and looked so much beter within a few day's. But several months on, my finger is still very dry and feels rough, I just put the cream on for a few days if the itching starts, it's keeping at bay, but if I run out of cream, I just know it will get red and angry looking again, I have no idea what is causing it and why just the one finger! I haven't used anything different.
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I have had this skin condition for about 10 yrs or so. It seems to have gradually gotten worse over the years. It may have started with a child where I contacted him and got ringworm. I don't think I ever got it cured. Anyway, my skin now feels like it pinches me slightly. I get this all over my body parts. Sometimes I'll itch these areas and it seems like i can pick up a little ball of skin that appears somewhat hard (a grain of salt, although too hard, is a good comparison).

Any clues?
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i think i may have what everyone else is talking about..mine is on my pinky finger and ring finger (towards the knuckle)..it started out as  tiny raised bumps that itched alot, so i put a bandaid over it..overnight, it went from tiny bumps to raised clusters of burning bumps..they keep gettin larger everyday..the bumps look like clear fluid sacs, but im too afraid to pop them considering they constantly burn... ive had similiar ones before, but not this bad, they didnt burn...i thought it was mulluscum contagiosum (which ive had before)..but with further research, mulluscum contagiosum does not cause any sort of pain related symptoms..they have the same characteristics i,e, tiny cluster bumps,clear fluid sacs,either has just one bump or 100's.pimple-like...but no burning..so im in need of an answer to this issue too..
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I am having this same problem on my thumb, the clear filled bumps that itch and burn but I am also experiencing my thumbnail feeling like it has come loose from my finger!  Ok, I know it sounds weird.  Yes, I do have artificial nails and we do use the drimmel??? (tool) to clean under the nails.   It has gotten so painful that I, too, cannot straighten out my thumb as to pulling the nail from the nail bed......I asked my nail tech if she had used any new products or changed brands, she had not.
I am planning on removing the artificial nails and letting them breath ~ which I do occasionally anyway.   Any suggestions?
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