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Itchy, red bumps on legs/ankles

About a week and a half ago, I noticed the bottom half of my calves were covered in small red spots(they were barely bumped up, if at all). Then, last Sunday I woke up with incredibly itchy bumps(so bad that it's actually woken me up at night) on both of my ankles, and at this time the other spots were gone. Now, I still have the itchy bumps(which don't seem to have gotten any better) and the small red spots on my legs have returned.

I've pretty much ruled out allergies, since I haven't been in contact with anything different than normal. Same with bug bites, especially since they don't appear to look like a bite at all. I'm completely puzzled...any help?

Pics: http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y211/xostarshinexo/legsores.jpg
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You need to see a dermatologist, or your regular doctor. Your spots look a lot like vasculitis, which can be from an allergic reaction to something or a medicine (especially if you've taken a new medicine recently, or something different than normal - even ibuprofen, etc.), or sometimes caused by something more serious - or, like me, a case that affects the skin only for no reason. It does definitely need to be looked at and monitored by a physician, if only to identify the cause if there is one. Please be sure to have it looked at right away if you haven't already.
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ok i have been reading these all night and no one can help me, i haven't been swimming, or had new medicine, and my allergies aren't acting up, but i have these little mosquito like bumps that started on my feet, then spread on my legs, thighs, arms, back, shoulder, and ankle they itch very badly, and some look almost like pimples but are not, the only thing i have done differnetly is been walking to work(about 7 blocks) in the sun, but im wearing a polo and jeans (uniform) they are growing worse and worse everyday and i'm strarting to freak out because no one knows what it is please help someone, i just need to know if its serious or if i can just take some benedryl to make the itch go away and maybe the bumps will too...
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I just went to the beach this past weekend and i have similar bumps on my calfs... every one in my party has the same... and the only thing we can figure is some type of sand mite or something... the bumps have been itching for days now and it all started we two of my friends were digging and sturring up the dirt... ***@****
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i have the same problem. I woke up in the middle of the night with these small, red, ITHCY bumps along the top and sides of my feet, around my ankles, and going up my legs/calves sporadically. Rescently went to a high school football game with flip flops on. My whole family went, but I;m the only one affected by this. Chiggers maybe? No. I don't think so. They are not fluid filled. But the itching is driving me crazy!!!! Please help.

Itching in Arkansas
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I have this too; off an on for years.  There is nothing visible, it itches like crazy usually at night, then it looks like bites.  All around my ankles and a few up my calves.  They itch like crazy then scab over. Any answers?
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i have the same thing and i have nooo clue what it is. Mine act up at night also like you said and thats usually when its worst. Maybe its dry skin??? I have no clue
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I have atopic eczema and I have had it all my life.  I found that when I do go out into the sun for a long period of time, at night I am itching like crazy.  It happens to be heat rash around the sensitive areas, like my stomach, around my bikini line and around my arm pits.  I found to take a shower after the beach or being in the sun and after the shower I lather my body with baby oil to trap the moisture and then I put cortizone on the really itchy areas.  IT is very annoying and uncomfortable, but it usually goes away in a day or two.  My dermatoligist said I am pretty much allergic to everything.
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i have had these itchy red spots on my feet,ankles and legs,they are driving me crazy...... i started a job as a carer about 3 months ago and first doctor said scabies they didnt clear up with treatment,then 2nd doc said athletes feet thet didnt clear up then 3rd doc said flee bites....it still havent cleared up i have tried all sorts of cream but nothing working ...i goto go to 4th doc next week but i dont think they will know what it is...im going nuts scratching especially in the night,anyone know what i have got???   B....
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I too have had really itchy pimples around my ankles.  It started several months ago with one and know have two or three around each ankle.  They are itchy for a week or two then subside leaving the skin darkened where the pimple was.  I think that they may be caused be resulting from a bacterial or fungal infection.
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I too have the same and my skin has gone exceedingly dry also.  I have just moved to London ( v cold) so my skin has  gone quite a bit drier.  Once I moisturise (use Shea Butter formula) the itching goes and they seem to subside.  I think it’s a reaction to temp which can affect people with sensitive skin.  Just moisturise and exfoliate twice a week to get rid of excess skin and it will help heaps.
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Have had these very itchy bumps on the upper surface of the foot, ankle and lower calf.   Usually only in the winter months, but the most unusual symptom (along with some of the other posts) is that the itching occurs at night and has woken me on occasions.   Sometimes the scratching will severe and cause surface abrasions.  

Also as biged44 describes, when the bumps stop itching the bumps fade to dark spots.   Whereas I don't know for certain what the cause is I HAVE FOUND A CURE.   After washing with soap or after  a bath rub Nappy cream containing zinc oxide all over the area.   You'll find you get some relief on the first night.  Wash and reapply every day for a week and you should be OK.   Then if it recurs do the application of zinc oxide cream straight away and the bout of inching will be minimised.   Post back on this thread if it works please.    

That would make you think it is a fungal infection, but the way it happens at night sounds a little like Demodex mites.
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Errr.. weird, because I only have red bumps on my right ankle and slightly above it, and near my hip [right side].
I noticed I got them when I was walking around in the street for a couple hours, then coming home and noticing them when I took my socks off. [I was wearing shoes that day too.]
I only noticed I had some on my hip a few hours later. I haven't gone to the doctor yet since it was only recent, so should I or will it just fade away overtime?
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