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Itchy Lump on Sole of Foot

After a holiday in Barbados, an area on the ball of my foot bagan to itch. There was no sign of any infection or splinter that could be seen. Despite applying creams and taking a course of anti biotics it is still itching as much as before. The scratching has caused inflamation around the area but apart from that there are no clues as to what is causing the problem. I am kept awake by the tingling and desperately need some advice as my doctor and chiropodist seem to have no idea.
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If you can't see anything, then you didn't contract a parasite or anything like that.  I'm not sure what you have, but if your doctor and chiropodist can't see anything either, then I advise you to treat the itch with a topical anesthetic.  My favorites are Sarna and pramoxine, both available without prescription.  Apply them liberally and often every time you itch.  You should be able to break the itch-scratch cycle that way.

If that doesn't clear you up in 7-10 days, I'd suggest seeing your doctor again.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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