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Itchy Skin, No Rash

Not so much a question, more like musing.
I've read through as many of the postings as possible regarding unexplained itching.
As a woman, I have come to believe that the itching is absolutely related to what I am ingesting. I have taken pains to change my diet, and exclude as many processed, GMO and non-organic foods as possible. I could definitely reduce my sugar intake: I've at least removed white, sugar-beet and highly processed sugars from the diet, but still use organic cane, maple, or local honey for sweeteners.
I am investigating organic/non-GMO progesterone creams to help with the itching, as I have read that hormonal changes in the body can have a direct correlation.
Unfortunately, I've also stumbled upon information that suggests itching without visible rash or direct outward irritation to be an indicator of more serious internal issues or concerns [mentioned by others here on the forum], such as:
Diabetes or it's onset
Multiple Sclerosis
Liver complications
Gall Bladder or Thyroid dysfunction
Lymphoma or some sort of cancer

Not very encouraging.
It's been suggested that the most common causes are allergies, lack of proper nutrition, lack of adequate water intake, or as before, hormonal changes, particularly perimenopause and menopause.

Personally, I have been experiencing the itching sensations for the past few years, and have never known for sure if it was something external [did the cats bring in fleas...?? argh], other pests? [clean, clean, clean], or internal.
For me, the itching occurs on my legs, especially on my shins, the sides of my lower thighs, the outsides of my upper arms and shoulders, and at night, just above my waist on my back and sides. Aye-yi-yi!
Working on the diet; do fine with the water consumption, and am thinking lack of regular exercise may play a part as well.
For me, I keep coming back to diet...I believe there is something in our diet that is causing this issue.

Best of luck to you all.

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I am a guy, I just started having strong itch during night. I have tried 2-3 different kind of medicine from my doctor nothing works. I am going to use Soap loofah and try gluten free diet like other have mentioned in the forum.

I had it last year and when I tried antihistamine it worked. this is it not working as the weather changed. I will share what I find.
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I am a 34 year old female from Georgia. My severe itching started 8 years ago while I was pregnant with my son. The itching spells have come and gone since, only getting worse over the past couple of years. For the most part, the itching begins after I shower or take a bath at night, and it effects my upper arms and upper legs. I have been known to have itching spells just out of the blue, with no water involved. Changing clothes, sitting on the couch, hugging my child or husband, driving down the road, being at the ball field watching my son play, these are some of the other instances that have triggered itching spells.

I have been to several doctors that have ran blood work, thyroid test, nerve test, etc., but once they rule out whatever they are specialized in  they throw their hands up with no desire to help me figure this out. This effects my life in ways that people can't understand. I am miserable, I can't sleep, it is emotionally draining, physically draining, it effects my marriage and the list goes on. I just wish I could find a doctor that would be willing to dedicate time into helping me figure out what is wrong with me!!!! I say this all of the time, but I can't deal with this anymore! (As I lay here itching!!!!!) Someone please HELP!

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I nave had several bouts of severe itching over the past 6 years. The first was on my arm just above my right elbow it woke me up the first night kept me up all of the third night. Two benedryls helped but it was hard to function during the day on benadryl. It went on for about two weeks I think it was in september. The next year I had the same reaction almost to the day I thought I was allergec to something. I couldnt figure out what. Now I have it on my legs from below the knees to my ankles. If i eat something made with soy bean oil I will sometimes have this reaction. I went gluten free for a while it didnt seem to help. Avoiding soy bean oil does. It has been heavily genetically modified for about the same amount of time that I have been having symptoms. Thanks FDA
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