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Itchy Skin On Scrotum

I am writing about a very itchy and dry skin patch on my scrotum

The area is where the shaft of the penis meets the scrotum. It is definitely on the scotum skin.

The problem first started aprroximately 3 weeks ago. My wife and I use lubricated condoms for birth control. Approximately 3 weeks ago I noticed a collection of a white thick substance on the base of the condom after sex. At first I thought it was either a collection of the lubrication or perhaps some normal vaginal discharge. The next morninig I awoke with red and extremely itchy skin on my scrotum where the shaft ends. This is the spot where the substance had collected. Over the course of the next few days I realized the skin was red and somewhat flaky.  We abstained for a few days and the cycle then repeated itself after the next time we had sex. When the problem continued to occur I purchased over the counter lotrimin thinking it might be a yeast/fungal infeaction. I only used the lotrimin for a few days and had some improvement, however, the area where it was applied the scotum skin became lighter in color and now looks rough and raised. When the itch subsided a little more I forgot about the problem and completely stopped the lotrimin (total use less than 3 days).

The last 2 times we had sex there was only a small amount of this substance, however, I awoke each morning with intense itching in the very same spot. The skin is rough and flaky when dry. The itch is a real bother.

The itch is now intense and does seem confined to the spot where the substance first appeared after sex. The itch also subsides if we abstain for a few days, however, that doesn't seem like a great long term solution. I need some advice on how to treat this very annoying condition. Perhaps a longer/more regular use of the lotrimin. Any suggestions on a diagnosis and treatment plan would be most appreciated

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question and provide information in response

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I'm not sure what the white substance was, but it seems likely that what you have now is chafing and irritation rather than yeast or fungus.  I suggest you try over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream twice a day for 10 days, along with good lubrication during sex.  If that doesn't take care of it, a visit to a skin doctor might be useful.


Dr. Rockoff
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I appreciate the prompt response. Will chaffing continue to be re-aggravated by the exposure to moisture that occurs with intercourse and does that explain why the condition seems to flare after sexual activity. I am hoping to rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction or a serious medical condition. Thanks
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I followed your advice with the hydrocortisone cream and the condition improved. Unfortunately every time after intercourse the quarter size raw itchy patch returns and the problem starts over again. The itch is intense and the area is inflamed red and puffy. This only seems to happen after intercourse. Please advise if this sounds like anything serious and how I should treat. Thanks
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maybe your wife has a candida or some yeast infection. Does she itch too?

have you tried different brand condoms?
maybe you can do a little experiment to rule out the condoms- have sex without condom and stop half way before ejaculating, and see if the red itch comes back.

also, antifungals are supposed to be used for 1-2 weeks or longer, not just 3 days. You might have seen it subside for a short time, only to flare up again.
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You might be allergic to the product. Which would cause this problem. Try another form of lube.
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