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Itchy Skin

A month ago, I got these little red dots on my back and stomach. they're really itchy. suddenly, they've transferred into my arms and legs. after sometime they're gone, my skin became "chicken skin". and now when I feel itchy and scratched my legs, red itchy bumps will appear. They're like mosquito bites. But when I stop scratching, they will be gone after few minutes. What could these be? I have been to dermatologist, she gave me ointment and oral med, but still they're not gone. It's already a month and I'm worried about my skin condition.
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Itchy red rashes on stomach chest arms and legs can be seen in several conditions.Allergies, hives, scabies and pityriasis rosea are few possibilities. Red itchy bumps could be suggestive of allergic contact dermatitis. Itchy red wheals which appear after food or drug allergy are hives. In scabies which is caused by parasitic infection the itching is common on hands, buttocks, back, genitals, and feet. The itching is worse at night. In Pityriasis rosea there is a single rash which spreads throughout the body in 7 to 14 days. A clinical examination is must for exact diagnosis. Do keep me posted.
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How can I treat my red bumps or do they not g away?
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