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Itchy elbows, kneecaps and ankles.


For the past seven days I've been experiencing itching on my kneecaps, ankles and elbows.

It first started one night in bed with frustrating itching around the ankle. When irritated and itching, a few small bumps would appear like bites but no significant redness other than from scratching.

It now also happens on my kneecaps and elbows. When feeling fine, there is some residual redness to the skin but nothing significant or by any means unsightly. The problem flares up when the skin becomes hot, such as after getting out of the shower or after an hour or so in bed at night. Then the redness appears, and tiny bumps appear confined to the knee caps, and in and around the elbow area.

My forearms back and front are also scattered with tiny red patches that become more defined in a hot shower. Also present are some red rings with clear centres much like ring worm, but there are only two of these on one arm, and another on the inside of my should towards my arm pit. There is some mild itching around my waist band, although undecided whether this is related or down to the compression of the skin after a long day wearing trousers/belt etc.

I saw a GP several days ago who suspected a fungal skin infection, as they noted the ring-worm like signs. I've been applying Daktacort ointment to the affected areas twice a day but no real signs of improvement or relief. Also got a prescribed anti-histamine that seems to have next to no effect.

The itching I can only describe as not being intensely deep, gently running my nails over the elbows, kneecaps and ankles and my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure. It is by no means a deep skin irritation and there's no been scaling, flakey or bleeding. I can just about get to sleep at night and then got awoken by the itching about an hour in and end up lying awake for hours tossing and turning.

Only known allergies are cats and hay-fever, albeit it mild enough and only in peak of summer.

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