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Itchy hard spots on feet

So after working for about 7 years now in places that required boots, I developed a terrible case of athlete's foot. Now that condition has cleared up (just some dry skin left) and I have these spots that are either red, brown or under my skin and hollow looking. My physician prescribed a Betamethasone cream but it makes my skin feel like paper. I have no idea what this condition is called, but these spots itch so badly! If scratched, a large chunk of skin will tear off and leave a bleeding hole in my foot. This is terrible... I want to go get a pedicure to remove the dry/dead skin that left from the athlete's foot, but I'm sure if he rejected because of this.

Any idea what this is? How is it treated? Help!

The picture posted is of my heel.
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Hi there.  Do you know I've had an itchy foot (just one) for a three years?  So annoying with night time being the worst.  It's in two places on my foot and stems from a time in which I was in thongs on a camp out at a muddy camp site.  Ugh, gross just thinking about it.  I've been to the doctor.  I've tried lots of things.  It will come and go.  If the cream you have now is not helping and you've used it for a few days, I'd talk to your doctor about trying something else.  My issue is probably fungal.  Luckily it doesn't look bad but man, it itches something fierce at times which is enough to drive you bonkers.  Your doctor is your best bet.  I did find that even though athlete's foot really isn't the cause of my issue, the athletes foot spray does give some relief at night when I itch the worse.  good luck
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