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Itchy private area and some itching on stomach and arm pits

In January I had sex with a girl that I later heard got around. The next morning I had 3 red bumps come up close to my waste line where my underwear was. The bumps were gone shortly. I began to freak out because the condom broke and all I could think about was STDs. I was big into working out and my back was hurting so I put on a metal type band that was supposed to make your joints feel better. I masturbated with it on one night and saw blood in my semen. I really freaked out then. I did it again the next day to see if blood continued. I took the band off and haven't worn it sense. Sense removal I have had no blood in my semen. About 3 weeks after this my anus started itching and I noticed blood when I wiped. My butt hole seems almost cut at times. I see no evidence of bumps there though. I went to the health department and got checked and everything came back negative but itching only worsened. I did a lot of topical creams prescribed by my doctor but it has continued to worsen. I visited a dermatologist and she took a skin sample and it back as spongiotic dermatitis with eosinophils. I quit all creams thinking that I was allergic to them but i have had minimal relief. My bad rash did go away after stopping the use of creams. My skin down there always feels like its crawling or itching. Tiny red bumps appear occasionally but normally disappear quickly. My penis and burns sometimes along with the tip of my penis. I am literally going insane and need help as soon as possible. I feel like I will never be myself again. If anyone can cure me I would greatly appreciate your help.
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I would suggest finding out what is added to your city water.  Is it chlorine or both chlorine and ammonia?  When you find out, get a filter for your shower to filter those out.  

Change to laundry detergent that is dye free, fragrance free, clear, and made for people with sensitivity.  

The cream that might be soothing would be Lotrimin.  With all the scratching, you could have introduced some yeast into abraded areas and made the itching worse.  
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okay thanks, why would this just all of sudden come up after 20 years of no problems though?
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Also I question the water because I moved to college and it didn't start immediately. Conditions continued this summer when I moved back home.
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I just uploaded a picture of my scrotum that is the only visible rash right now. I have had this since around march. Go to my pictures if you would like to help if you think you might know what this could be. The rash is only visible when my scrotum becomes tight and is not hanging loose. Thanks for any helping. Nathan
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The picture did not load for me.  I'm not sure of the cause at all, but I would try treating it with aloe vera if Lotrimin cream makes no difference.  Try washing sheets and towels in hot water.  I'm not a fan of bleach because lots of people react to it.  You could add 1/2 cup of baking soda, measure the Tide accurately (make sure you don't use HE if you don't have that type of washer; it is a diluted product.   If one rinse cycle doesn't get the soap out, try two rinse cycles.  
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The other possibility to consider is pubic lice (crabs).  I have heard of dermatologists missing it, although it's a really bad miss when they do.  
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