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Itchy rash on my arms

In mid-September I developed a rash underneath my jaw on leftside of my face, which in a matter of days spread to my left ear (which was swollen and itchy) and then up l.s. side of my face, and then all over face and into scalp (raised red bumps almost with head on some of them) , both ears, neck and chest, and it was very itchy.  My MD  prescribed a week of Prednisone which cleared up rash, but left me with a leathery feel on my skin which had previously been very soft and supple.   Although the rash has mainly cleared up my left ear is still a bit swollen and itchy as well as my eyebrows (and between them).  MD suggested Zyrtec (along with the Prednisone) but it didn't help.  I believe the rash might have been allergic reaction to nitrates (in bacon), as I had bacon on 4 consecutive days, which is something I don't usually eat very often.

After inital rash on my face mainly cleared up, I then developed extremely itchy rash (tiny red bumps under skin)  on on my wrists. and then up my forearms,  and is now also itching above elbow.  A 2nd visit to MD and she was none the wiser, so has referred me to an allergist.and suggested Benadryll but that didn't help either.  

Itching is worse as night, and is affecting my sleep, I'm continuing to take Benadryll in the hope that it will dope me up enough to sleep through the itching.  Ice packs is the only thing that helps to give me a break, albeit temporary.

Initially, I thought my itchy arms was just a continuance of the first allergic reaction, but I'm now thinking that perhaps its just a coincidence.  I live in Southern California, where temps can get pretty hot, in fact we had a record breaking 110F in our city last week, which was about the time when my wrists & arms started to itch.  I'm not a sunbather though.

I have been checking online, and tonight read alot about Brachiopruritis (BRP). Many in the forum mentioned having similar symptoms in their arms as well as spine issues which I definitely do have, with at least 12+ visits to the chirorpractor every year.  I'm thinking to go to my chiropractor and get an adjustment to see if that helps (both my back and itchy arms).

Do you think that  the rash on my face and now my arms are connected?

I'm 54 yr old female, who had shingles on my face at aged 21 yrs.  Rash on face reminded me of shingles but was itchy not painful.  Do you think it's connected?

Could it be BRP.  I really hope not, because many in the forum have been suffering for years, with no obvious cure.

Sorry to be long-winded, but wanted to give you all info which may be relevant.

I would appreciate any info/input anyone is able to offer.

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