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Itchy skin. Please any advise will be great

Hi. My itching started when I moved to a farm and started drinking Pasturised milk. I started to get eczema on the backs of my legs. I stopped drinking the milk but the itching didnt stop. One of my boobs started itching really bad and I have just had a baby so i thought it may of been thrush. I treated it but it kept itching. Then it started on the insides of my arms and as well as the itching and burning I got little bumbs. then it spread to my chest and other breast. Ive itched my breast so much ive actully bruised and broken the capillary veins on my breast and now have these hideious 'hicky' like bruises. Im getting so sick of this itching and it gets increasinly worse at night to the point where im getting around 2-3 hours of sleep if that. Which is not easy to run on when ive got a 18 month old, a new born and a man child to run around after. Please if anyone has any advice I will lap it up!

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These sound like hives.  You need to see an allergist to see what you are allergic to.  You can also hav autoimmune hives.  I've had them before for six months (I'm not kidding).  I currently have them.  There are lots of things that can trigger them.  For me, this time, I think it is from a minor surgery over two months ago.  The itching can be controlled with antihistamines like Claritin, Allegra, benadryl, atarax.  If you are breast feeding, you need to see which ones are ok to take.  You can also try over the counter lotions like Allegra cream or Benadryl cream.  I currently take 3-4 antihistamines and prednisone.  
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